Certified Professional in Learning & Performance

Are you among one of the best TD professionals?   Prove it with a CPLP!


The ATD Certification Institute's Certified Professional in Learning and Performance Certification (CPLP) shows that you are equipped  with the skill to be the best in the field and lets employers know that you have real world, practical expertise that can be readily applied to the current work environment.  

CPLP gives you the capability, credibility and confidence to be a high performing contributor in  your organization.

Do you have what it takes?  Become a CPLP!

Don't feel ready for the CPLP,  consider the new ATD certification:  Associate Professional in Talent Development.  

About CPLP

The ATD Certification Institute built the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential to provide a way for workplace learning and performance professionals to prove their value to employers and to be confident about their knowledge of the field.  It demonstrates that a TD professional has a broad range of competency and knowledge  with a high level of skill in at least one area of expertise, all based upon the ATD Competency Model.  

To learn more about the CPLP and what it can do for you and your organization, find more details on the ATD website.

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"I've been in the training profession for more than 25 years, and I think CPLP is a wonderful program for experienced professionals because it shows employers that you not only have experience, but you also have current knowledge, skills and abilities."

~ John McDermott, CPLP, Learning and Performance Consultant, J-K International, Ltd.


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